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KIWAYA offers high quality ukuleles made in Japan to the world.

"Offering happiness through the ukulele" is our policy.

Since 1919, KIWAYA has been working on with musical instruments. As an ukulele company, we have been selling our original brand called "Famous" since 1950's. (The first Hawaiian boom in Japan)

KIWAYA is the only "ukulele specialized wholesale company" that came beyond the ukulele's bitter history in Japan. We belive that this little Hawaiian born instrument offers you a wonderful and happy life.

-KIWAYA's business-

Producing, merchandising, exporting our original ukulele brands. (Famous, Luna, F Ukulele, KIWAYA, K-wave, k ukulele)
Managing our ukulele school, sharing our ukulele museum (RAKU), having workshops, etc, etc.

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